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Support Dignity City



Dignity City is a regional newspaper that provides work and community in Tacoma and other small to medium-sized cities in our area. 


We believe that the political will to end homelessness begins with community support for common sense solutions. These include expanded opportunities for housing and emergency shelter, along with robust access to quality healthcare and support for treatment on demand.

Your support of Dignity City tells our vendors, "I see you, and support you in your struggles." The community we build together replaces fear with empathy, and avoidance with engagement. Your gift of any amount sets the vendors up for success while we build the street paper that communities need all across Washington state.

In Gratitude,

Tim Harris, Dignity City


The $50,000 Dignity City start-up goal covers our first six months of expenses.


outfits one vendor with a vest, face mask, and badge


buys food for one vendor meeting


keeps the phone on for 3 months


pays for a color printer and a badge laminator


prints 1,000 Dignity City magazines


 purchases the iMac we'll use for layout

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